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Исправления PPSSPP за 25.08.2014 (Англ.) (GitHub)

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Исправления PPSSPP за 25.08.2014 (Англ.) (GitHub)

Исправления PPSSPP за 25.08.2014 (GitHub)

* Merge pull request #6777 from unknownbrackets/gpu-blend
Use blending to approximate incr/decr/invert
* Support stencil incr/decr even without blending.
* Always zero drawn pixels with zero.
* Oops, equation not func.
* Support INVERT with stencil alpha replacement.
* Support INCR/DECR with stencil value replacement.
* d3d: Prevent crash on Release() of render-to-tex.
Might be safer to do as we do in GLES and always have a texture...
* d3d: Convert DXT texture colors.
Doesn't seem like this is 100% correct though, not sure.
* d3d: Fix a shader compiler error.
* d3d: Unbreak hardware transform, oops.
This was broken by my earlier commit. Now we can send colors directly.
* Merge pull request #6780 from unknownbrackets/ge-debugger
Welcome Direct3D9 to the GE debugger family
* d3d: Copy over the vertex preview stuff.
Really need to just centralize, I know. But want a debugger that works
* Support BGRA formats in the debugger previews.
* d3d: Get some initial GE previews working.
Wrong colors.
* Merge pull request #6781 from unknownbrackets/d3d9
d3d: Fix some RGBA / ARGB color issues.
* d3d: Fix some RGBA / ARGB color issues.
I wonder if we should just send floats here? We denormalize and then
renormalize in software...
* Symbian buildfix. It doesn't use MemArena.
* Remove most mentions of the "_XBOX" define
* Merge pull request #6774 from hrydgard/merge-ced2911-dx9-work
Cherry-pick from ced2911's dx9 work
* D3D: Don't display buffered rendering upside down. Support screen scaling filter setting

P.S Переводить очень тяжело ибо исправления пишут на разговорном, избитом английском.

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